Even if you’ve long been out of school, the end of summer triggers that “get ready” impulse. Gearing up for new challenges and choices feels natural as we look towards fall. We hope you are imagining some new horizons that will keep you active and socially connected. One thing you can do to get prepared for the season ahead is take your health insurance coverage in for a checkup and make sure what you have lines up well with your goals and circumstances. In other words, sharpen your pencil for open enrollment. Then get on to making healthy choices with a clear head. 

Open enrollment is a period of time when employees and individuals can elect or change benefits available through employers, Medicare and state and federal healthcare exchanges. It’s usually anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, typically in the late fall/early winter. It depends on your state, plan and individual employer, so make sure and check!

Here are some simple things to consider:

  • Are your doctors going to accept the plan you are choosing (or renewing)? 
  • What is the prescription drug coverage and has it changed? 
  • Are out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and copayments clear to you?
  • Do any of the plans you’re looking at have extra benefits like dental, vision, life and disability insurance or wellness programs? 
  • Has the provider or employer added technology solutions to help you manage your coverage?  

We think something as important as your health benefits should not be left to chance. To help you out, we spent some time finding experienced professionals with relationships with major carriers in 50 states willing to dedicate resources to help you.

If you’re eligible for medicare, you may be wondering about supplements v. Medicare advantage plans, the parts ABC (and D) of it or other questions. Here’s information on getting those questions answered so you can get yourself set up and get out there and Discover Your Next. 

If individual coverage, family coverage, COBRA or short-term insurance is on your mind, we have you covered as well. We’ve had Members write in about COBRA and short-term coverage and we’ve published their questions along with our answers so you can read up! 

If you have questions about qualifying life events that allow you to change coverage outside of the open enrollment period, you are not alone!

Stay healthy, stay safe. And stay open!


“Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice.” ― Mary Berry