Amava salutes people who work hard to benefit others. Whether you volunteer or work in the public sector, you’re doing well by doing good. Volunteering helps you connect with people in your community and beyond; it’s an excellent part of any plan for a purposeful life. So, raise your hand, sign up, put your name down! Change the world and change your life by working for something you believe in.



New Mission-Driven Spotlights

Meet fine athletes and kind people as a Special Olympics Volunteer.

Work as a Grant Writer and help a worthwhile organization meet its goals.

Help a person working through an illness with reimbursements and logistics as a Patient Advocate.

Foster Grandparents have all the fun and make a difference.

Even while you travel, you can give back as a Give a Day Global Volunteer.

Be a text or phone call from someone in pain working as a Crisis Counselor.

Lend yourself and your talents to another community volunteering for the Peace Corps.



Exclusive Offer for Amava Members

Got opinions? How about getting paid to express them as part of one of our soon-to-launch Amava Focus Groups. We’re putting together teams of Members to give organizations insights into your preferences, interests and concerns about a variety of products and services. Opportunities may be online, via email, telephone, web-conference or in-person. Let us know if you’re interested in participating in an Amava Focus Group or email us at We’re hoping to be up and running soon.



Members on the Record

“There’s a little bit of stepping out into the unknown that is hard, but I’ve just done it and anyone can.”  – Sue Saxton

Read about how Amava Member Sue Saxton used her training as a long-term caregiver and her avid interest in the outdoors to volunteer effectively and meaningfully in her community.

If there’s a volunteer organization that you believe in because of the great work they do, tell us about it at



On the Way Out

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”Kofi Annan