What if you could earn, share and meet people all at the same time? You can by participating in the sharing economy. What is the sharing economy anyway? It’s a product of the rise of digital platforms, and it goes something like this: People who don’t know each other are able to interact around the use of underutilized assets—houses, apartments, office space, boats, cars, land—you get the picture.

Where do you come in? If you’ve got something that you aren’t using all the time (or at all), perhaps someone else would like to pay or trade to use it or take it off your hands altogether. It can be a considerable and super-flexible source of income and a fun way to get to know people you might not otherwise meet. Done right, sharing adds to efficiency, sustainability and community.

What are the downsides? Some communities have restrictions on sharing homes, cars and the like to avoid negative impacts such as noise or traffic, so you’ll want to make sure you know about them and that you set yourself up to work with other respectful people. The income can be variable, there are no employee benefits or linear measures of “progress,” and there can be some risk management involved. In other words, it may not be the start of a traditional new career, but it could certainly pay for some bucket list pursuits. That’s why we’re highlighting some fantastic ways for you to leverage what you’ve got to free up some funds and get to know more people.



Sharing Economy Spotlights

Got clothes, shoes, antiques, cool memorabilia or a button collection that you’d like to sell? There’s more than one way once you set yourself up as an Online Reseller and many of them involve joining a community of buyers and sellers who communicate and interact regularly.

Do you enjoy community building? Look into being a Coworking Community Manager and set the all-important tone in a coworking facility.

Want to get immersed in a travel destination and live like real people do? If you have a home someplace others want to visit, try Home Swapping.

Download the apps, do the paperwork and enjoy the freedom that a Rideshare Driver enjoys. Great conversations happen!

Speaking of cars, you can Car-Share/Boat-Share/Bike-Share because there are apps for that. People who are into cars, boats and bikes also love to talk about them!

Get your community together to grow plants and flowers or farm on your land as a Community Garden Coordinator.

If you’re not using your house, land, office, apartment or room, you can use technology to become a Short-Term Rental Host, take good care of your guests, meet interesting people and make some money.



On Your Way Out

“The sharing economy is out of the bag – and it’s not going to go back in.” – Joe Gebbia