As people prepare for the start of the holiday season, it’s natural to focus on the practice of gratitude. It feels good and it’s becoming increasingly clear that gratitude is good for you. Our  experience as we build Amava for Members has taught us that staying socially engaged in meaningful activities is a surefire way to stay healthy and happy. That’s why it’s at the heart of everything we’re doing. We wish our Members and Partners a lively and enjoyable holiday season filled with socially engaging activities and reasons to be grateful. 



Socially Engaging Spotlights

Be the person others look up to and Be There for People in Crisis.

Give back in your own community and Feed a Hero.



Millie & Boo On Gratefulness (and Sweet Potatoes)


Our Millennial and Boomer friends chat about gratitude, with just a little bit of attitude! Here’s a peek:

Millie: Gratitude. Don’t make fun of me, but I’m into it. To keep perspective and stay mentally healthy, I journal about it. And it helps. The world seems a little crazy and scary sometimes, so I just come back to all the people and good things I’m grateful for and it grounds me. And as soon as it hits November, I feel like other people are doing it too; it’s just in the air. That’s comforting to me, you know?

Boo: That’s really cool and I do know. Not sure it explains your need to have spiced everything and the holiday music Spotify playlist that you’re constantly cranking…

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On The Way Out

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”Rumi