While the world is changing fast, we think the best ways to get to know people haven’t changed that much at all. Quality relationships grow out of shared experiences either at work, school, or in the community, regardless of stage of life. The stereotypical idea that entire generations have little in common has gotten plenty of attention, but it rings hollow. Multigenerational interactions at work, in the volunteer sphere and out there in the wider world are usually enriching, educational and fulfilling. Generations getting together is a win-win proposition if ever there was one. Be connected by focusing on what you share with others, regardless of when they were born.

Some Amava Spotlights designed to keep you connected to humans of all ages? We thought you’d never ask…



Inter-Generational Spotlights 


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Love kids and the outdoors? Find out how you can Lead Little Ones in Outdoor Experiential Learning.


If you want to give some advice to someone looking for it and you aren’t up for the hassle of a commute, try Online Mentoring


Have you always wanted to teach English to someone who wants to learn the language? Train to do it and then Teach English Abroad or Online.


Work abroad or close to home as a Ski or Snowboard Instructor. You know you’ve always wanted to wear that jacket.


If you know your stuff and you want to empower the next generation, think about working as a College Professor in your community.


First-generation college students need mentors. Become a College Student Mentor.


Bring an exchange student into your home or work with a world leader in international education to recruit host families.



A Millennial and Boomer Talk About Phones


Welcome back to Millie & Boo! Today they take on phones and how to spend less time on them and get on to healthier things. Listen in: 


Boo:  You guys and your phones. It’s crazy! Have you seen those new updates that tell you how much time you spend on social media, productivity apps and reading?


Millie: First of all, us guys? Um, let’s get real. We’re not the only ones with the issue. But, yeah, that feature that tells you how much screen time you’ve had, you mean? It makes me feel a little judged. It’s the one time I don’t want to hear how above-average I am!


Read the rest: Millie & Boo –  On Getting Off Your Phone



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On The Way Out


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.William James