Today we pay homage to caregivers. Staggeringly enough, families in the U.S. provide about 80% of the long-term care needed by their elderly, disabled and chronically ill loved ones. More than 43.5 million of us (mostly Boomers and women) are engaged in unpaid caregiving today. While caregiving can be rewarding, research shows that it can also increase feelings of loneliness and decrease life satisfaction.

The best way to alleviate those feelings is to engage in activities with high social engagement – such as flexible jobs or volunteering – that work with the caregiver’s often challenging schedule.

Fortunately, there are organizations whose mission is to care for caregivers. And, there are a growing number of service providers: from in-home assistance, to finding the right assisted-living environment for your loved one, to reducing the burden of caregiving on your family.

Below we highlight just a few of these supporting organizations and individuals and spotlight some flexible jobs and volunteer gigs available to those of us who want to explore caregiving as a part-time (or even full-time) vocation.

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Caregiver Rob Fellows on the Five Stages of Caregiving

Please help us give a warm welcome to our newest Guest Contributor, Rob Fellows, by checking out his breakthrough piece about the five stages of caregiving and how to take care of yourself while caring for others.

Also, read our interview with Rob to learn more about his transition from tech executive to family caregiver coach and his unique path to maintaining life satisfaction (and sanity) for family caregivers.



Caregiving Opportunities

Volunteer to be the difference for a hospice patient.

Do meaningful work as a Respite Companion.

Help folks untangle the complexity of the system by working as a Health Care Advocate.



New and Interesting

Do you have the chops to be a voice over actor?

Perhaps you prefer writing instead?

Try something new while you test drive a tiny house!



On the way out…

From caring comes courage.” – Lao Tzu