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Stay Curious
Lifelong learning: you can do it at home, abroad, in the workplace, at school or online. There are so many ways to stay...
What's on Your List?
Call it a wish list, a bucket list, a possibility portfolio or something else that fits your style and preferences; we...
Are You Up on Upskilling?
Employers need workers with up-to-date skills and needs change quickly. The labor market is currently tight, and as a...
Give Back, Get Plenty
Amava salutes people who work hard to benefit others. Whether you volunteer or work in the public sector, you’re doing...
Summer's Here: Get Off Your App And Go!
Our mothers and grandmothers spoke the truth: we need some fresh air. Doctors agree that spending time in nature has...
Train, Care for & Hang Out with Animals
One thing many people have in common is affection for their pets and other animals. From Old Yeller to Instagram, animals...
Can the Sharing Economy Work for You?
What if you could earn, share and meet people all at the same time? You can by participating in the sharing economy. What...
Work from Home or On the Go
Work is changing. There are plenty of opportunities to work at home or on the go. You can clock your hours when and where...
Travel, Learn & Maybe Even Earn
For the lifelong learners and globetrotters among you, travel is a multi-layered form of education, perhaps the most...
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