Today, our friends learn from one another about how they spend money and why.



Boo: So, Millie, I think it may be time we had that talk.

Millie: That talk? C’mon! I did it with my mom in fourth grade; there were so many kids that got sent to school a year late so they’d be the smartest and the best at sports, that, well, we had to.

Boo: Ha! I don’t mean that talk. If anything, you could give me that talk.

Millie: Yeah, I probably could, but I’d rather do a lot of other things.

Boo: That’s fair. Moving on…I was talking about money. Let’s talk about money!

Millie: Why? I have total control of my finances. I mean, sorta. In my way.

Boo: I’m not saying you don’t! I just think we could both learn from the other on this topic because I think you’ve got some fresh takes and I have, well, mine aren’t “stale,” they’re just based on some different assumptions I guess.

Millie: Are you gonna launch into that American Dream thing with me now?

Boo: Maybe a little—they don’t call it a dream for nothing, right? Let me just ask you a few things. Because I genuinely want to understand your point of view.

Millie:  Ok, then…

Boo: Do you ever want to buy a house?

Millie: I don’t know, honestly. I get why renting isn’t the best investment—it’s not like I can’t do the math! But I value flexibility and after dealing with student debt I’m not that excited about signing my name to a mortgage with too many zeros.

Boo: But you’ll pay too much for one of those meal kits with two stalks of cilantro in it?

Millie: I value my time and I like getting healthy options delivered to my door. It’s better than eating out or getting takeout all the time, and I’m busy!

Boo: What about those $9 juices? How is that part of your solid fiscal plan? Maybe if you cut down on those you could think about a starter home!

Millie: Listen, I work hard. Those small luxuries matter. And I go with my friends after we exercise, so it’s social.

Boo: Ooooh, you stepped in that one. Can we talk about the price of those indoor cycling classes for a minute?

Millie: Do we have to? I mean, you spend too much on things you like. What the heck with those Amazon packages! Just because you have Prime do you honestly need something every day?

Boo: Hadn’t really thought about it like that. Just figured it saved me time and once I join delivery is free.

Millie: Free? Let’s examine what free means. Free to you, maybe. But what about the carbon footprint of all the packaging and shipping? How’s that working out for Mother Earth do you think?

Boo: Consider me somewhat schooled.

Millie: And for me, I’m paying for good experiences, not another thing to hang in my closet or park in my driveway. I’m pretty sure your car costs you a ton of money and do you use it most of the day? You could share one with other people easily, you could use rideshare apps…

Boo:  Wait a second, did you ever learn to drive?

Millie: I’m not answering that!


At Amava, we believe that age does not define us. We favor actual interactions and honest relationships over clichés like the one about Millennials and Boomers being at odds, at cultural loggerheads or at war. In real life, Millie & Boo are at the café enjoying one another’s company. The Millennial and Boomer (get it?) are two friends having conversations about things that matter—work, social issues, money, relationships, travel and more. They were nice enough to write some of it down for us so you can be entertained and perhaps enlightened by their sharing and comparing. We hope it inspires you to start conversations of your own.