Welcome back to Millie & Boo! Today it’s all about getting moving.



Boo: Ok, Millie, I’m in a little bit of a fitness rut. I need some inspiration.

Millie: Some “inspo,” you mean?

Boo: Yeah, that.

Millie: You mean the Jane Fonda Workout isn’t getting you where you need to go? Jazzercise is giving you the Blues?

Boo: Be nice!

Millie: Ok, ok, clearly I watch too much Grace & Frankie.

Boo: I’ll say. Moving on…

Millie: Let’s start from the top. Do you have an activity tracker?

Boo: No, and I don’t want one. My phone counts my steps, that’s enough. I don’t want to analyze my progress, I just want to make some. 

Millie: Alright, I get it. I enjoy my data, but that’s my business. Do you at least get 7500 to 10,000 steps a day?

Boo: Most days, yeah. Having dogs helps with that obviously. I walk a lot, but somewhat slowly. It’s not enough for me.

Millie: Got it! But it is the start of an active, healthy lifestyle you know!

Boo: You sound like an infomercial.

Millie: I don’t watch those. Because, streaming.

Boo: Next!

Millie: Yes, next. Go on Groupon or look for a fitness pass that gets you some discounted classes to try. Try hot yoga, boxing, indoor cycling, silks, bootcamp. Try them all! Some places even give you a first class free. 

Boo: Which ones do you think I’d like?

Millie: I’m not sure. You know what they say, “you never know who’s going to like skydiving!”

Boo: Who says that?

Millie: I don’t know actually. My point is just stay open. For example, another thing to consider is becoming a fitness teacher–I have more than one friend who trained to teach yoga and they love it. 

Boo: Yeah, I have friends who love hiking and they work part-time as forest rangers. 

Millie: It’s awesome to mix work with staying fit if you can figure it out!

Boo: Definitely. Hey, I don’t mean to over-rely on you, but do you have some workout playlists you can send me?

Millie: I thought you’d never ask! I’m Millie, and I’m here to Pump You Up!

Boo: What? Hans and Franz? 

Millie: C’mon, you know I love Vintage SNL.

Boo: Right. 


At Amava, we believe that age does not define us. We favor actual interactions and honest relationships over clichés like the one about Millennials and Baby Boomers being at odds, at cultural loggerheads or at war. The Millennial and Boomer (get it?) are two friends having conversations about things that matter—work, social issues, money, relationships, travel and more. They were nice enough to write some of it down for us so you can be entertained and perhaps enlightened by their sharing and comparing. We hope it inspires you to start conversations of your own.