Today we take time to figure out what do with our free time. And we dive deeper into relationships.  




Boo: So, what do you do when you don’t have anything to do?

Millie: I know you want me to say Netflix and Chill, but I’m not saying that. Because, you know it has more than one meaning.

Boo: Ha, ha. I actually do know that, but thanks for the run-down. No, I mean what would you do if you had a free afternoon let’s say.

Millie: I’d probably look around to see if there was a good fitness class or if any new exciting events or restaurants were open.

Boo: Would you go alone?

Millie: No, I’d see if any of my friends were free. Probably I’d send a quick text and in another window I’d be searching up movies and fitness classes. Does that sound alien to you?

Boo: Actually, no, not really. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be as swish on my phone as you are and I wouldn’t use the same apps most likely, but I’d look online to see what was going on and then find some friends who might be interested in joining me. Think we’d see the same movie?

Millie: Maybe, maybe not.



Boo: Can I ask you something about dating?

Millie: Oh no, I dread this question.  It always reminds me of being grilled by my relatives during Thanksgiving about my love life!

Boo: Ha, ha. Don’t worry, I remember those interrogations too! This has more to do with modern dating opportunities.

Millie: Alright, hit me…

Boo: Can you imagine meeting your life partner on a dating app?

Millie: Can I imagine it? Yes. Do I desire it? Not exactly.

Boo: Fascinating. What do you mean by that?

Millie: Finding people face-to-face who are genuinely interested in starting a relationship can be extremely difficult. Nowadays there are so many new relationship terms such as “hooking up” or “having a thing” that it can be difficult to establish dating or a serious relationship, unless you are looking on a specific platform. But that doesn’t mean I want to.


At Amava, we believe that age does not define us. We favor actual interactions and honest relationships over clichés like the one about Millennials and Baby Boomers being at odds, at cultural loggerheads or at war. In real life, Millie & Boo are at the café enjoying one another’s company. The Millennial and Boomer (get it?) are two friends having conversations about things that matter—work, social issues, money, relationships, travel and more. They were nice enough to write some of it down for us so you can be entertained and perhaps enlightened by their sharing and comparing. We hope it inspires you to start conversations of your own.