Rebecca Bloom: From Lawyer to Writer, Editor & Writing Coach.



“Don’t wait to get “there” only to find that there is no “there there.” – Rebecca Bloom


Why did you step back from full-time employment?

I did that a long time ago. As soon as I saw that a Big Law career was never going to mesh with my family-building aspirations. Since then, I have always worked part-time and filled my life with meaningful volunteer work as well. But now, I am about to enter a new phase as my girls move out of the house, possibly for good. The change is natural, but it is nonetheless daunting, as I have made nearly all of my choices for the past 20+ years factoring in their needs and preferences.

What surprised you most about the transition?

I knew it would be bittersweet, but I am taken aback at times by what I can only describe as a wave of grief. Not because something specific is wrong–we are all fortunate enough to be healthy and thriving–but because I am struck by the recognition that the shape of my days has changed and they will never be as they were. That does not detract from my excitement about new possibilities and freedom, but I acknowledge that it is a deep kind of turning point and I need to adjust.

What are you doing to fill your time?

I have ramped up my small business and my volunteer time, but I have also worked hard to control my schedule so that I can easily travel, exercise, connect with cultural opportunities and make more time to spend with my husband.

How did you decide to pursue these opportunities?

I am a planner. I saw this coming and started on a path two years ago before my youngest daughter turned 18. My goal was to slowly begin to forge new opportunities so that when the moment of separation arrived I’d be ready.

What advice would you give to someone in the same circumstances?

Do not avoid having a conversation with yourself about what you are hoping for in your next phase. Don’t wait to get “there” only to find that there is no “there there.” I gave myself a chance to think about it and formulate a plan by considering my individual values and priorities. Once I was able to articulate exactly what I loved to do and what gave me joy, not performance anxiety, it was easier to begin building what I envisioned.


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Rebecca is a nerd, mom, writer, former employment lawyer, patient advocate and volunteer. She is the Editorial Director at Amava.


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