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Guest Contributor
The Research is In:  How to Live Your Life
Some of us will leave our full time jobs and, if we are lucky, have three (or even four) decades in good health. It can...
Guest Contributor
Use Design Thinking to Discover Your Next
How much time should you spend relaxing, working, pursuing meaningful activities, alone or with others, at home or...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Thoughts on Scattering Victor's...
After my father (Victor Fellows) passed, we scattered his ashes on San Francisco Bay in the shadow of the Golden Gate...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: A Letter to My Client's Parents
I have had a few occasions when I have met the parent and families of those I coach. When I do, I enter with clarity that...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Becoming Your Parent's Advocate
Mom repeatedly says she will talk to the doctor about her or dad’s condition but does not bring it up at the doctor...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: A Caregiver's Meditation
It doesn’t matter how this path found you. ...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Emerging Responsibility in Parent...
“Why can’t we just force her to take the pills?” ...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Where Do You Start to Talk with...
You likely have concerns about keeping them safe and healthy or what will it take from you when they are in significant...
Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Preparing and Presence in the...
Taking on responsibilities and being present to a parent’s significant aging and end-of-life brings complex and deeply...
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