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Guest Contributor
Downsizing 101: It’s All About Baby Steps...
A clever Facebook post recently caught my attention. The caption went something like, “25 Things You Can Do to...
Guest Contributor
4 Tips for Home Workouts During Social...
Wow, things have surely changed in the last 3 weeks. What was a vague threat has become a real, though ever-changing...
Guest Contributor
For Caregivers During Covid-19
The definition of American hero is being recast in real-time. Amava salutes doctors, nurses, caregivers, teachers, EMTs...
Guest Contributor
Lessons from an American in China During...
Hello friends, I am reading the SF Chronicle, the NY Times, listening to local radio from back home and I can surmise...
Guest Contributor
Downsizing 101: What You Do Before You Start
My family moved around a lot when I was a kid. And I mean, A LOT. I went to thirteen elementary schools and four junior...
Guest Contributor
5 Easy Tips to Increase Your Mindfulness
Mindfulness is the act of being present and aware of our thoughts. Sounds super easy and natural, right? While it's...
Guest Contributor
Focus on These Five Keys to Health
The ancient poet Virgil said, “the greatest wealth is health.” Yet people define health in decidedly different ways....
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Finding that Perfect Volunteer Gig
Just wondering if you have a checklist of items I should consider in choosing the right volunteer option for me. I really...
Guest Contributor
Taking a Gap Year -- It’s Not Just for...
If you are thinking about retiring, but are not sure you’re ready to stop working altogether, or you are ready to stop...
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