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Guest Contributor
The Life Between…
As I sit in my 25th floor perch, the light rain is accumulating at the bottom of the glass window screen on my balcony...
Guest Contributor
Goodwill Closed? What to Do With Your Donations
I once worked with a client who had a ton of clothes. He hired me to help him go through it all, from socks to slacks....
Guest Contributor
The Rewards of Volunteering
Let’s hear from some retirement age people who are active as volunteers. The quotes below come from in depth interviews...
Guest Contributor
Life Knows Best: After the Isolation
It’s late afternoon on a lovely, early summer day here in southeast China. As I pen this bit of prose, a cool breeze...
Guest Contributor
Five Tips to Tame the Coronavirus Clutter...
A friend FaceTimed me the other day and man, she didn’t look quite right. “Hey there, you okay…?” I asked.  ...
Guest Contributor
The Life We Imagine: Thoughts on Living
Some of us speak about the stages in life, about where we ought to be at particular times or ages in our lives. We speak...
Guest Contributor
4 Tips for Healthy Minds During Coronavirus...
For all of us, this spring is different from any season we’ve experienced before. Due to Covid-19 quarantines we’re...
Guest Contributor
Suggestions from a Professional Reader
In this “ new now” where our fairy tale has become a dystopian novel, I find solace in story. Thank you to writers...
Guest Contributor
Downsizing 101: It’s All About Baby Steps...
A clever Facebook post recently caught my attention. The caption went something like, “25 Things You Can Do to...
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