I run a small business in my community and I’d love to let other Amava Members in my area know about some part-time jobs I need to fill and also some special deals when we offer them. How can I do that?


Mike D.


Hello Mike,

We’re so glad you asked, We’ve been busy building out a new function we call Go Local and it’s specifically designed for Members like you who have local opportunities they’d like to tell other Members about. Here’s what you do: make sure you’re logged in and then go to your My Amava page. You’ll see that there’s an interactive box below the “About me” box that will guide you through creating a listing. Go for it! You’ll get an email to confirm that it was published. Once you do, it will appear on a Go Local page that we’ve created on our site. If you run into problems, email us at member-services@amava.com. We’re real people and we’re here to help.

Good luck,

Team Amava


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