I’m enjoying your site and the content is inspiring me to think about new possibilities. I love the idea that a fulfilling life can include work, volunteering and some “unique” stuff too. I was wondering, though, do you think that if traveling to far away places isn’t in my budget or plans (I am a part-time caregiver for my mom), it is  still possible for me to do unique, exciting things?

Bill A.


Dear Bill,

That’s a great question. And a fair one. While it’s true that many people consider travel and exotic experiences to be bucket list items, they are not at all the only ways to add some uniqueness to the way you spend your days. Many folks find travel too expensive or prohibitive for other reasons. If you check out some of our Unique Experience Spotlights, you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to leave behind the ordinary without leaving home. Every region of the country has opportunities to do cool things like Foraging, Dining in the Dark or serving as a Bird Recorder. We’re really glad you wrote in, Bill. We hope this helps!

Keep Living Well,

Team Amava


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