I think the concept of your site is terrific and I look forward to more from your team. I am a veteran 30+ year teacher and I have to take exception to the idea of a retiree considering substitute teaching without prior experience as a teacher or in another profession working with children. Except in some rare cases, substitute teaching is challenging and demanding, both physically and intellectually. I have taught at all levels and have found this to be true from preschool to high school. Teaching and subbing is not like it used to be. Just sharing my thoughts and experiences. Thank you for this outstanding platform.

Lisa W.


Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for writing in. We want you to know how much we appreciate your thoughtful feedback as well as the civil and intelligent way you have articulated your ideas. What a breath of fresh air!

We are big teacher fans and can understand the points you make — many things have changed in our education system. Teaching and subbing can consequently be fraught and challenging–it’s not for everyone. The only point we offer for you to think about is that our schools and students need mature, responsible and capable people in all positions. There’s quite a shortage of teachers in some areas and subs in even more. We don’t expect all of our Members to consider subbing, but we do know that many are former educators or have other kinds of life experiences that may make them equipped to try. That said, we mean for our platform to present many choices so that our Members can weigh and consider the many ways there are to earn some money,  learn something new, give back in their communities and find some well-suited adventures. 

Thank you for all the time you’ve put into educating students.

All the best,

Team Amava


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