I’ve been checking out your website, thinking about what to try and I’m curious about pottery. Can you help me find pottery classes near me? I actually have a pottery wheel in my garage and could even start something online during Covid-19, but I definitely want to find an open studio or ongoing clay class so I can learn more about wheel throwing, glazing, glaze firing and glazing techniques. 

Thank you, 

Mike Y.


Hi Mike,

We are really glad you asked, because pottery, clay classes, pottery wheel classes (wheel-throwing classes), ceramic arts and art classes in general seem to be of high interest to Amava Members. People love the idea of making their own pottery and handmade gifts are definitely popular and appreciated. It is great that you have a potter’s wheel at home so you can practice! Maybe you can order some additional clay and watch some YouTube videos so you can start making some pottery pieces even before you find a class?

Here are a few tips. There are many “paint your own” pottery places that have one-time BYOB classes where you decorate bisque pieces for firing and such. These can be a lot of fun and easy to do on the spur-of-the-moment as a walk-in, but may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Some art studios that offer art classes will have pottery classes too, but they will likely be intro or beginner classes and may focus on handbuilding and handbuilding techniques, since this type of pottery can be done without a lot of equipment.

It sounds like you are looking to pick up more advanced techniques from an actual clay studio or pottery studio. A specialized place like this is more likely to have classes for all skill levels (by-the-week classes for six weeks or more is typical, but schedules can vary). A place like this will also likely have more class times and a varied class schedule. Class fees will vary, but it’s better to research just what you’re looking for in advance so you get your money’s worth. Throw Stuff!


Good luck,

Team Amava


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