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Guest Contributor
Focus on These Five: Keys to Health
The ancient poet Virgil said, “the greatest wealth is health.” Yet people define health in decidedly different ways....
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Finding that Perfect Volunteer Gig
Just wondering if you have a checklist of items I should consider in choosing the right volunteer option for me. I really...
Guest Contributor
Taking a Gap Year -- It’s Not Just for...
If you are thinking about retiring, but are not sure you’re ready to stop working altogether, or you are ready to stop...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: How Do I Post on Amava?
I run a small business in my community and I’d love to let other Amava Members in my area know about some part-time...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: COBRA
You seem to be paying attention to things that concern a guy like me. I’m trying to figure out my health care coverage...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Substitute Teaching
I think the concept of your site is terrific and I look forward to more from your team. I am a veteran 30+ year teacher...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Discover Your Next
Cool website! I read all your Spotlights and they were definitely interesting. What do you suggest I do next?...
Guest Contributor
Why I Became a Retirement Coach
Like many Baby Boomers, I have had several careers and transitions. After working as a lawyer for many years, I took some...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Open Enrollment
Open enrollment. Those two words make me really nervous! Can you explain it simply so I make sure I don’t mess it all...
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