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Guest Contributors

Experts in their fields break it down for Amava Members and visitors.

Guest Contributor
How to Volunteer and Give During Covid-19
If you have been thinking about getting involved – or getting more involved - in your community, the old saying,...
Guest Contributor
Top 3 Must-Haves for Every Home Gym
Much like the 2020 toilet paper scramble many of us faced in the spring, home gym equipment has been another hot...
Guest Contributor
The 3 Bs of Hidden Storage: They’re...
If you’ve followed me at all, you already know that a lot of my clutter clearing and organizing advice is very...
Guest Contributor
Letter from an Anti-Isolation Innovator
Halfway through my spring semester of sophomore year at Yale College, I wasn’t ready for the pandemic. I struggled when...
Guest Contributor
How to Deal With the Stuff That Tugs At Your...
What happens when you’ve got an enormous amount of stuff that you don’t use, barely touch, forget your even have but...
Guest Contributor
Living Big In a Small and Simple Way
Living in a country that is in constant and big change is an amazing place to be and equally amazing to witness. There is...
Guest Contributor
Working Choices in Retirement
Let’s hear from some retirement age people about how they are thinking about working.  From the 75+ interviews...
Guest Contributor
Teacher Tips for Online Learning
For the past 18 years or so I have been an English faculty member at South Seattle College, and the last ten of those...
Guest Contributor
5 Tips for Maximizing Your Health in the Time...
We are living in strange times. It can be surreal to live in an age you know will go down in history. With several months...
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