Today, we have travel on our minds. Bucket list Item #1 among Amava Members (by far). An opportunity to explore our own backyards and the backyards of others. A chance to get away. New food, new cultures, new experiences, new memories. Maybe even new friends. So whether you are hopping on the City of New Orleans like Arlo or Leaving on a Jet Plane like Peter, Paul and Mary, we hope you enjoy your next adventure.

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Unique Experience Spotlight: English Speaking Mentor (Europe)

Is it really possible? Free room and board and a chance to make new connections and experience a new culture first hand? Absolutely! If you’re a native English speaker with a high school diploma and a passport from the US (or certain other English-speaking nations), you could be on your way.

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Interview: Carol Orton, Travel Expert and Tips for Post-Career Travelers

Today we speak with Carol Orton, a former lawyer, school board member and community volunteer who now runs her own Travel Consultancy.

What surprised you most about the transition?

I was surprised how positive the response was. I came up with a potential client list and sent one email. I’ve never had to send another marketing email.

How did you decide to begin a career in travel?

I was a litigator at a law firm before I took some time off to raise my kids. When figuring out what to do next, I realized I wanted to do something that had flexible hours. I didn’t want to go back to a regular office job. I thought a lot about what makes me happy and what I could do, where I could use my skills in a new career. I had always loved to travel. My advice: “Put aside your pride–figure out what makes you happy.”

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Special Offer: $1000+ Off Your Next Cruise

If you plan to head out on the high seas for your next adventure, take advantage of the exclusive discounts on cruises from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney and others from our partner Abenity. Explore the ice cold beauty of the Inside Passage, catch some rays (and fish) in the Bahamas, swim the Mediterranean or see Eastern Europe from a whole new perspective. There’s no better way to make some new friends and see the world. Bon voyage!

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New and Interesting

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You could even restore frescoes in Italy!

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Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.” Kurt Vonnegut