So, what’s really going on in the world of coffee? Other than a Starbucks nearly everywhere you look?

For starters, coffee’s not going anywhere.

-More than 64% of Americans had a cup of joe yesterday (75% of boomers).

-On average, Americans spend $1,100 per year on their java.

-Millennials are choosing their lattes over retirement plans.

-Innovation is everywhere. Rainbows, glitter and even unicorns  are horning their way into your cup, as are butter and mushrooms.

-Major magazines are publishing city rankings so you know where to go to be hip, cool or just get the best buzz for the buck.

-Coffeepreneurs abound and even have their own website, and a big question on many people’s minds is “to brew or not to brew.”


“To me the smell of coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” Hugh Jackman


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