By Mike Lewis

Title: When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want

Who is Mike Lewis: Author Mike Lewis left a prestigious and lucrative corporate job to pursue his dream of playing professional squash. He’s the founder and CEO of When to Jump, a global community of people who have left one path to pursue a very different one.

Amava Take: This book is both inspiring and practical. Lewis shares his own journey and presents more than forty stories of people from diverse backgrounds, stages and affinities. What they all have in common is that they moved on from what they were doing to something more fulfilling. He uses their stories in parallel with his own to give actionable advice about when and how to make a big change. From the detailed and thoroughly illustrated  four-phase Jump Curve (1 – Listen to the Little Voice, 2 – Make a Plan, 3 – Let Yourself Be Lucky and 4 – Don’t Look Back) to the kernels of wisdom at the end of each chapter, When to Jump is full of fascinating anecdotes and tools you can use.

Memorable Line: “Your journey might be crazy, but it won’t be stupid.”

What We’d Tell Our Friends: It’s fun to read about other people’s transitions, but more than that, it  gets you thinking about your own, expanding your conception of what’s possible.