By Ashton Applewhite

Title:  This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

Who is Ashton Applewhite? Ashton Applewhite is a dynamic, original voice leading the growing, global pro-aging movement. She’s a writer, activist and speaker focused on recasting the aging conversation. Applewhite won’t stop until communities, workplaces and relationships are improved by calling out ageism, decimating harmful stereotypes and presenting a holistic view of late life that rings true to actual experience. Read Amava’s Interview with Ashton Applewhite here.

Amava Take: Manifesto, indeed. It’s all in there. This snappy, detailed, impeccably researched book takes on the elephant in the room—ageism. Applewhite stares down the layers of bias that have cast aging in a culturally negative light and calls for activism across society to make real change. For a book so full of compelling data, it is a delight to read because of Applewhite’s sure-handed humor and impeccable presentation skills. Rather than bolstering ill-conceived abstractions that pit people against one another, Applewhite’s book makes a compelling case that when it comes to being human, we really are all in this together. If that sounds like a lot, it is. In the very best way.

Memorable Line: “Since no one on the planet is getting any younger, let’s stop using ‘aging’ as a pejorative—’aging Boomers,’ for example, as though it were yet another bit of self-indulgence on the part of that pesky generation, or ‘aging entertainers,’ as though their fans were cryogenically preserved.”

What We’d Tell Our Friends: This outstanding read, which should make us all riled up, is also a rip-roaring, relatable romp. That’s what makes it so remarkable. It’s the best time you can possibly have reading something so essential. An energizing call to action that will have you laughing all the way to the rally.