By Laurie J. Cameron

Title: The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening (2018)

Who is Laurie J. Cameron?: Laurie J. Cameron transitioned from a business career to working as a mindfulness teacher and coach. Today Laurie is the CEO of PurposeBlue which brings mindfulness leadership programs to companies throughout the world. 

Amava Take: This book is an uplifting, practical guide to how to live each day more mindfully. Cameron details the basics of mindfulness (e.g. being present, concentrating on breathing) and also delves into psychology and research to explain the science behind mindfulness. This book is worth reading for her advice about the benefits of practicing mindfulness and the specific ways to incorporate it into everyday life. The book is broken down into short chapters so it’s easy to read in brief chunks when you have time and to refer back to when you want a refresher on a certain topic. This book is not just about mindfulness–it’s also a guide to practicing self-compassion, forgiveness and ultimately living a more joyful life!

Memorable Line: “Being present, focused, and compassionate is not something you are born with or without. These are skills that can be strengthened and expanded. Research has shown that you can change your default mental patterns through repeated practice….”         

What We’d Tell Our Friends: If you’ve always wanted to find out more about mindfulness, this is a perfect first book to read. The book is written for a “beginner” and contains many personal stories which makes it easy to relate to. Also, the book is organized into sections on such topics as home, work, play, and love, so you can go right to what interests you the most.