By Marc Miller

Title: Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for the Second Half of Life,Third Edition

Who is Marc Miller: Marc Miller, founder of is a Career Designer. Through podcasts, speaking, teaching and coaching he uses his extensive experience to help others—especially Baby Boomers—find careers that they can grow into for the decades that lie ahead. He’s taught in more than 35 countries and helped clients from many industries. 

Amava Take: If you’re looking for ways to earn some money in a fulfilling way as you Discover Your Next, this is the book to get you there. Miller takes on the disruption of industries, globalization and questions about the kinds of skills that will serve in the future. He acknowledges the other shifts that are common at this stage of life and helps readers fashion a strategy to work it all out. Miller shows readers how to repurpose previous careers by making what he calls “practical pivots.” The books is also chock full of useful advice about self-knowledge, tribe building, strategic networking and more. 

Memorable Line : “Taking a job because of the idea of it is like committing to a serious relationship with an interesting stranger.”  

What We’d Tell Our Friends: Reading this book is like hanging out with a trusted friend or mentor. Marc asks challenging questions in approachable and engaging ways. He’s well-read, open, witty, humble and creative. His advice is an empowering combination of practical and aspirational. It’s like having your own private career coach.