By Jean Chatzky and Michael F. Roizen

Title: Age-Proof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip 

Who are Jean Chatzky and Michael F. Roizen?: Jean Chatzky is the financial editor for NBC’s Today Show, and an award-winning financial journalist and author, as well as podcast host. Michael F. Roizen, MD, is a professor at Case Western University, the founding chair of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic, a prolific author of medical books as well as books for the general public, and a syndicated newspaper columnist. 

Amava Take: Health and wealth–the two things most people want for a long, happy life. Age- Proof explains how health and wealth are interconnected and how you should take the same strategies to improve both. The book gives clear, simple advice about how to assess your physical and financial health and what steps to take to “Age-Proof” your life. The authors give many specific recommendations and rules of thumb to maximize the chances you will follow their advice. For example, they suggest tackling one area at a time: “Don’t diet while you’re budgeting and don’t budget while you’re dieting.” They also give suggestions to make up for lost time to turn bad lifestyle and financial habits into good ones. Everyone has room for improvement and this book gives a roadmap to use on the journey! 

Memorable Line: “No matter what you’ve done in the past, it’s never too late (till you’re six feet under) to get the body or bank account you want.”

What We’d Tell Our Friends:  There is a lot to digest in this book. Read the sections that interest you now. But treat it like a reference guide you can come back to as questions arise.