I am looking to get a “no experience job” that I enjoy. I have looked at your site for solutions as my life has taken some unexpected turns. I’m a former truck driver without other job training or work experience. I am not expecting a high-paying job but I am a job seeker with a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree and the willingness to hustle and help people. I’ll take a training course if it helps me get into the right thing. Can you suggest any entry-level jobs for this too-young-to-retire-guy? 




Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out! There are a range of no experience jobs out there. An entry-level position is one path and there may be others. We think with your previous experience and college degree you will have several options. 

Drawing on your prior experience: you can explore job postings that utilize your specialized truck drivers license. Perhaps look for opportunities as a delivery driver for Amazon or you can be a rideshare driver for Lyft or Uber too. These possibilities offer you the flexibility to work part-time or full-time. 

You mentioned you would like to help people so you may consider health care as an option. Men are needed as home health aides and medical assistants (as a side note these options require drug tests and background checks). You may consider becoming an administrative assistant or other assistant jobs (these positions are available in many interesting fields). If you are handy you may consider working as a handyperson.

After being on the road so much as a truck driver you may enjoy work from home opportunities with online jobs such as proofreader, website tester or helping businesses with social media. If you have good customer service skills you can become a sales representative or customer service representative.

If you have job training, positions are out there that can put you above the average salary range. With some additional schooling, options such as a veterinary assistant, paralegal or real estate agent may interest you. We have several professional development classes to browse.

I hope that this sparks some ideas for you! Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Kind regards,

Team Amava 


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