I’m looking for a Medicare upgrade and I live in Florida. Do you guys recommend a specific company?


David S.


Hi there, David,

So glad you asked this one. It’s of huge concern to so many people, including other Amava Members. In case you’ve got friends or loved ones in other states, we first want to share that every state has a program that provides free advice and counseling about Medicare. Anyone eligible for Medicare can access this service. Information for every state can be found here.

We also highly recommend talking to some experienced professionals about the particulars about your situation because this is complicated and every question is unique. 

Getting  back to Florida, as we are sure you are aware, each state has different Medicare and Medicare supplement providers. We recommend you get in touch with experienced professionals to help you assess the particulars of your situation and we’ve arranged an option for you to call and ask your questions free here.

For now, here’s an overview of Medicare in Florida that may be a useful starting point. Here are some specifics about the Florida Health Insurance Marketplace, which include providers that have recently entered or rejoined the Medicare exchange. That should help you analyze the options from a number of standpoints.  Here’s one more article that has some helpful information and resources.

Please do not hesitate to reach back out if we can be of further assistance.

Be well,

Team Amava

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