I’m curious about self-publishing on Amazon or someplace else. I’ve been a blogger for awhile now and love writing and sharing my work on social media. Since I was a young adult, I’ve written short stories and children’s books in my journals and dreamed of publishing them. As a first-time author, I need help navigating the publishing world for my first book. I checked Google to find a literary agent and it’s a daunting task. Can you help me get started? 




Hi Debra, 

We are excited to help walk you through the publishing process so you can get your book published. First-time authors can look at basic publishing options that range from self-publishing to using a traditional publisher. There’s also market research and classes to help you decide which publishing route is best as you navigate the publishing industry. 

It can be difficult to get unsolicited manuscripts past the gatekeeper of large publishing companies like Penguin, Random House and HarperCollins. Publishing houses specialize in various styles and may publish nonfiction books, thrillers or fiction only. Writers typically begin by producing a query letter and providing sample chapters for possible book publishing and the elusive book deal. It becomes easier to approach a publishing company and obtain a book proposal once you have proven yourself as a published author. 

However, new authors can have a first novel published using alternatives such as vanity publishing with a “print-on-demand” option so that readers can have a book in their hands (and Kindles and other devices) without any publishing deal. You can then post your book on Amazon with a great book cover design and determine how to print books as the book sales increase.

Another route is to approach your local bookshop as a debut author and design a book cover with local imagery to attract readers. Make sure to ask local friends and family to tweet (or otherwise share) about it and spread the word. If you are a fiction or fantasy writer consider making an audiobook to expand sales options and have some creative fun. 

Good luck on writing your first bestseller!

Team Amava


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