I am a part-time health coach with a bachelor’s degree who likes working in community health organizations. I live in San Francisco and want to move across the United States to New York and be of service in one of the boroughs (Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens) that were hit hard by Covid-19. I’m so inspired by the New York doctors, nurses and hospitals and how they handled the early days of the coronavirus. It would be an honor to work alongside any of them, including the heroes at Mount Sinai or Maimonides Medical Center. Is there a place in the New York public health world for general health educators? I thought of returning to school to become a registered nurse but am not sure I’d be happy in the traditional health system (not to mention taking on debt). I feel called to work with the patient population dealing with chronic conditions and administering services for the underserved.

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Hi Kendra, 

We love your idea of health coaching and the notion that this job fits alongside traditional healthcare services in meeting general population health goals. We think you’re onto something, as many health insurance companies such as Aetna and AmeriHealth recognize health education as part of primary care and overall care plans. Your field is progressing with the times and growing with telehealth opportunities such as Vida and Wellness Concepts websites. 

The mental health trauma around Covid-19 and isolation in NYC this year has created a strain on the local community resources and harmed equal opportunity to access them. Behavioral health professionals, health coaches and recovery coaching specialists will be needed more than ever to assist with health and wellness in marginalized communities.

Have you set job alerts for health coach jobs and wellness coaches in the areas you want to serve? The right timing, networking and follow up can be key in finding the right position for you. 

If your health coach training program did not cover motivational interviewing you may want to take an online class to become more competitive in your full-time job search. The more you bring to the table that is related to health services, the more marketable you will be. To get ideas of other classes that are available, look at the IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) coaching program. You may also consider upskilling with integrative nutrition classes, because working alongside a nutritionist could help round out your coaching sessions and set you up with some skills for nutritional health coaching as well. If you want, you can also look into certification as a personal trainer to receive even more qualifications.  

Your desire to be part of health promotion for people who really need it is admirable and we wish you so much success. Reach back out if we can give you any more ideas. 

Best of luck!

The Amava Team


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