I’m looking for a better way to connect and learn online. To be honest, I’ve had it with staring at videos and being muted in big webinars. I’m looking for more real time interactions. I’ve sent in lots of questions and tried to get into discussions on the boards that accompany the classes I’ve tried, but I find that the delay feels pretty isolating.  Any ideas?

Stefanie H.

Hello Stefanie!

Wow, you are speaking our language. We have always been dedicated to keeping our Members socially engaged, but since the pandemic hit, we’ve been working on something new. We call it Amava Circles and we really hope you’ll join us!  It’s a new way to learn and connect online. You can unmute and join the conversation.

Amava Circles are guided group discussion around a variety of topics (cooking to caregiving, nonfiction writing to navigating the new normal). We think of it as part lifelong learning academy and part virtual community center. Come check out Amava Circles! We’d love to see you there and would appreciate your feedback too.

See you in a Circle!

The Amava Team

P.S. We are working on more offerings and are so looking forward to real conversations with real people. Like you!

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