I have been thinking that traditional retirement is not for me so I’m reviewing your site for ideas (I’m an AARP member too). I will miss aspects of my current career but am ready to move on to something new and leave the stress and headaches behind. I also want to have more flexibility in my life so that when the opportunity arises to take a special trip or go spend time with the grandkids I can do it. How do I make this idea of working and being flexible a reality? Do you guys have any leads on the best jobs for seniors? (not that I think of older people as senior citizens!)

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Hey Bob,

You’re right, Amava has already done some research for you and you’re not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that the employment rate of workers aged 65-74 will be up by almost 13% compared to numbers from 1996. They also add that the 65 and older age groups are predicted to have faster rates of employment annually than any other age group. 

The Baby Boomer generation has been known for forging new paths which remains the case as you approach retirement age. There are older workers taking full-time and part-time job opportunities to earn extra money as well as perks that range from social outings to health benefits. 

We offer a jumpstart for your job search and identify the more popular part-time jobs in which job seekers can use their skill set and know-how to generate a retirement income or help others. Some of the more popular socially engaging ones are dog walker, pet sitter, Uber or Lyft driver, high school bus driver, tour guide, or tour bus driver. There are also part-time jobs in healthcare (including virtual healthcare), childcare, personal care areas and customer service representative. Many of these are salaried and some have hourly wages. You can also work for or start a non-profit to support a cause you feel passionate about.  

Some people need to “upskill” for online jobs and this can be done by taking online classes. Some showcase technology such as computer skills, Google suite, Amazon Web Services (AWS), online calendaring skills, using social media in business or staying safe online. Now may be the time to take a community college course on real estate. You may want to pursue a second career as an administrative assistant or virtual assistant

If you have a Bachelors Degree or a more advanced degree, or have had a professional career, you may want your retirement job to continue along the professional path. Work with a recruiter or reach out to your connections on LinkedIn. You may need to consult with a professional to ensure that the median pay and relevant pay scale are going to work for you, and we’ve compiled some tips if you encounter being told you’re overqualified.

While there are a lot of questions, there are also countless possibilities to Discover your Next! We wish you luck.


Team Amava


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