I’ve decided I’d like to take a photography class. I know something about digital photography and how a camera works (including how to adjust my DSLR camera settings), but I think if I’m going to be successful as a professional photographer I need to know more about the basics of photography, photo editing and camera lenses. I realize there’s more to digital cameras than memory cards and whether or not they are mirrorless (and I have heard that Sony makes great ones!). I am hoping to find the right online courses or the right photography school. Can you help?

Allan H.


Hi Allan,

We are glad you wrote to ask about this. We have noticed Member interest in photography classes, from beginning photography (beginner photographers want to learn more about their Canons, Nikons and iPhones!) all the way to post-production/post-processing tools (such as editing software like Lightroom and Adobe photoshop) and strategic use of photos on social media. 

There is more to a photography class than just a laundry list of photography tips. Whether you are using a digital camera or a manual one (or a digital one in manual mode), there are many elements of beginner photography that can help you take better photos. To hone your photography skills, it makes sense to study the key terms: things like shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, rule of thirds, exposure triangle, white balance, focal length and low light. If you know most of those, your photography skills may already be beyond the beginner photography level, but if you want some depth, look at classes that cover those things. 

Before we give you some specific class suggestions, we want to mention that there are plenty of free resources and inspiration out there for beginner photographers and beyond. A simple Google search will lead you to podcasts, video tutorials and even some complete guides to things like landscape photography and street photography (have you seen Humans of New York?). One platform that offers classes that we have found to be excellent is Creative Live. Check out their photography offerings.

Beyond that, we currently have the following classes available on our site at Amava Member Prices (with more to come):

Discover Digital Photography

Photoshop Elements for the Digital Photographer

Photoshop Elements for the Digital Photographer II

Photographing People With Your Digital Camera

Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera

Secrets of Better Photography

Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

Get snapping, Allan! We wish you the best of luck.

Team Amava

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