Just wondering if you have a checklist of items I should consider in choosing the right volunteer option for me. I really want to get involved in my community and commit to something!


Joan Q.


Hi Joan,

We’re glad you asked, because we’ve done some homework on this one! Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

Do you want to share your expertise?

Are you hoping to learn a new skill or do something you’ve never done before?

Do you prefer interacting with the beneficiaries of the organization or behind the scenes running the organization?

What kind of time and/or travel commitment do you want to make?

Is having a cohort of volunteers important to you?

For a more in-depth view of this, here’s an article we did on the subject. If the thoughtful way you’re taking on this question is any indication, we think you’re going to be a life-changer out there!


Team Amava


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