Cool website! I read all your Spotlights and they were definitely interesting. What do you suggest I do next? Specifically, I’m interested in a Flex Job. Should I apply for everything I think I might be qualified for? 

Also, sorry if I’m being annoying, but grammar is my thing and I just have to ask you why you’re using the word “Next” as a noun when you say “Discover Your Next.” You know it isn’t a noun, right?

Tracy L.


Dear Tracy,

Thanks for the compliment! We’ve been working hard on our content with the goal of inspiring you to Discover Your Next. We’re so glad you found our Spotlights interesting. Great question about how wide to cast your net. By helping out our Members, we’ve found that the best way to find a flex job that fits your goals is to define those goals. Do you want to work part-time, seasonally, remotely or is there some other priority? That’s part one. Next, are you most interested in a particular industry or line of work because you have experience, do you want to try something new (if so are you willing to do some certification work if necessary) or do you have a creative idea about mixing what you’ve done before with a new direction? Any of these approaches can work well, but it’s worth taking the time to ask yourself these questions. After you’ve done that, you can use our Spotlights as a starting point–maybe pick 5-10 that fit your parameters to focus on first, follow their recommendations (especially the “Finding a Position” section) and see where that takes you. Also, we think it is worth talking to people you know about what you’re thinking. You never know who is looking to hire someone in what capacity and there is no substitute for a face-to-face conversation. 

As for the use of the word “Next,” in the phrase “Discover Your Next,” we love ourselves a grammarian, so no apologies are necessary. Maybe you should look into writing or editing? Yes, we know that “Next” is not a traditional noun. We’re Schoolhouse Rockers. But, we’re not too fixated on labels and it just so happens that it’s the most precise way to describe the support and information we hope to give you. We’re all about inspiring folks as they consider transitions. We think you can write your own story and we can’t wait to read it (especially because you’ve got mad grammar skills). Send us the outline! Until next time….

Keep Living Well,

Team Amava


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