What’s your time frame? For much of our lives, this question meant “when do you need it?” Whether it was an apartment or an assignment, this question was the cue for the level of urgency–is it a today-thing or a next-week/month/year thing? And that was the way we framed time. 

Quite suddenly, we find ourselves adjusting to what many are referring to  as a “new normal.” Some would say we are sliding into a slower, simpler way of marking time–wake up, eat, work, exercise, check in with friends and family, repeat. For others, this is a reset moment–an opportunity to assess how we mark and spend our time. The question “what time is it?” not to mention “what is your time frame?” has taken on a new dimension. Literally, how do you frame it? What are you doing to structure your days?

Here are some of the lovely words and phrases that have been cropping up in our Amava Community on this topic:

Never stop learning.

This is the gift of pause.

Goodness can come from change.

I have time to marinate. Food and thoughts.

What if now is a time to reflect?

What are my priorities?

Spend time well.

Listen without distraction.

Write your story.

Try new recipes.

Train your pet.

Work on craft and home projects.

Do puzzles.

Search for long lost friends.

Look through pre-digital photos.

Research your family tree.

Learn a new software application.

Start communicating with a pen pal.

We hope these inspire you as you frame your time. As you look towards the future, we hope that you hold on to some of the valuable lessons of the exercise. Write to us at editor@amava.com and tell us your time frame.