What is a flex job? We feature potential flex jobs for our Members as they design their next steps and we’re learning that flexible is in the eye of the beholder:

  • A flex job could refer to a traditional part-time position; fewer hours than a forty hour work-week, but in a prescribed location. Earn some income, have time for other adventures.
  • It can include much more than that in a dynamic and global job market. For example, a full-time job with a limited duration that fits in with your larger plan. Perhaps it includes travel. Earn a little income, go on an adventure, repeat.
  • Still for others, a flex job is simply the ability to work remotely. Stay home, earn income, pursue adventures outside of work.

Since our mission is helping people stay active and engaged as they make transitions, we’ve dug into how the marketplace defines flex job. According to flexjobs.com these are the typical kinds of job flexibility that candidates look for: part-time work, fluid or off-hour schedules and freelance, temporary or contract positions. A Bain & Company survey suggests even more dimension: flexibility expectations among Bain respondents included leave of absence, flexible hours (such as going offline at certain intervals), wind-downs from full-time to part-time in terms of hours and pay, job sharing arrangements and fluidity regarding responsibility level. As we alluded to, flexible jobs can mean multiple things to different people.

Many folks are not looking for a traditional, brick-and-mortar 9-to-5 position. The key is having control over your schedule so you can create the life you want and start living it. We’re constantly looking for flex jobs for our members. With the expanding scope of what flexibility means, we find that the possibilities are endless.