The waters seem uncharted. Yet, there are lessons available and often, they are within us. If you find yourself sitting too much, consuming media and feeling unproductive, you may be hoping to find a way to do something positive instead. In times like these, there is more than one. This is a tough year in the US and all over the world. Whatever you have experienced—chaos, joy, tumult, triumph (most of us have lived through a combination)—now could be your moment to lead. You can tap into your wisdom and compassion to inspire others. 

Here are some ideas:


If you have some 2020 vision and want to share what you have, what you know or some of your talent, you are needed. Your ingenuity, compassion and life experience is valuable. We all can teach and we all can learn. There is so much good to be done in every community, our country and the world. If you are looking for ways to lend your experience and wisdom to the greater good, write to us at As always, we are standing by our Members and our mission.