Our Members reach out to ask us about travel, work and combining them into traveling work. As people consider what’s next for them, exploring the world in some fashion is generally on the bucket list and many of them want to make money on the road. If your best-life design includes combing the continents for new adventures, educate yourself about available traveling jobs. Having a job abroad can enhance the length, breadth and quality of your personal odyssey. Why not make learning about other cultures and racking up novel experiences budget-positive or at least neutral? By working “away” you can meet people you’d never run across as a typical tourist and see things in an authentic, local light. Plus, you’ll make or at least save some cash. Living the dream can be a sustainable reality if you strategically sprinkle in some work with travel.

Here are some practical traveling jobs that keep those passport stamps coming:

Teaching English Overseas – Teaching English in a different country is a traveling job that most people with a college degree can do. You might want to get yourself a TEFL certification, as some organizations require it. Some positions are paid, some cover travel expenses and/or provide other benefits such as housing. Many entities recruit English teachers to come to countries all over the world. Qualified candidates can teach English in countries like  Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland, England or Malta. Other options are to teach English in China, Japan or South Korea. Consider what countries are on your bucket list and go from there!

Yoga/Fitness Instructor – If you were planning on giving yoga or fitness instruction a whirl anyway, you can try it any place that has demand. Wellness is a global concern and need for trained instructors is everywhere. When it comes to yoga, the traveling job opportunities are far flung. Many places in Europe, particularly the UK, are looking for English-speaking fitness trainers as well.

Housesitting – You’d be amazed how much relief people all over the world get from having responsible adults look after their homes, plants and pets when they’re away. What’s in it for you? Living like a local in free lodging all over the world, that’s what!

Translator/Interpreter – If you have language skills and you’re looking to go places, you can find work as a translator or interpreter in other countries.

Flight Attendant –  If you love a job that combines constant movement with lots of travel perks, then look into working as a flight attendant. The benefits of this job likely outweigh the pay itself, but if you find yourself ready to get out in the world, flight attendant is an option that more people are pursuing as a second or third act.

For more great ideas about how to Discover Your Next both at home and through traveling jobs abroad visit Amava. For specific information about working abroad check out Working Abroad magazine.