One summer never ends, One summer never began

Remember that old song by The Motels? Those lines really stick out right about now.

As Summer 2020 progresses and we contend with the fact that it is anything but normal, we’re all reaching back and trying to remember what summer is supposed to feel like. We’re yearning for the rituals of summer’s past—one summer never ends—as we grieve losses and simple joys that are not in the cards this year.

Here’s your chance to rewrite a classic. While there’s the temptation to give into the song’s plaintive resignation, especially this part…

It keeps me standing still, It takes all my will

…you don’t have to fit into the three-minute-or-less confines of a pop song.

You’ve got the chance to recapture the feeling of summer’s past. You don’t have to stand still. Have you heard of upcycling? It’s the idea of taking something you aren’t using anymore and reusing it for a new purpose. Usually, it involves physical items (think old t-shirts into masks) but expanding the concept can give you a whole new lease on summer. Think of your memories, your best golden moments, then take the pieces that stand out and are doable and string them back together. 

  • Maybe you aren’t heading out to places unexplored this summer, but you can still dry your hair in the sun. 
  • The outdoor music festival may not be happening, but the picnic under the stars and beautiful sounds moving through the air can still work. 
  • The museum is closed, but you can look at and learn from great art anyway.

And what can you do with those “school’s out” memories and the feelings of freedom that they evoke? Upcycle those too. Drop the “out” and go for “school’s in!” There are so many ways to keep learning. When next summer rolls around, you may find yourself feeling nostalgic for the ways that you made this one meaningful and memorable.