We’re serious about our work: keeping people active and socially engaged as they move beyond full-time careers and parenting. We’ve done the research: isolation is dangerous to physical and mental wellness and it’s nothing short of an epidemic. The good news? In a connected world that teems with possibilities, it is avoidable. Don’t let words scare you—active is scaling Everest for some people, but for others it’s gardening. Engaged could be a new book club, a flexible job or purposeful volunteer experience. It doesn’t have to be 40 hours a week or even 10. You can build your balanced life in your community or on-the-go and there’s no one-size-fits-all template. You are the author and what you come up with can be as unique as your fingerprints or that hand-traced turkey you made in Kindergarten.

 While that all sounds empowering, we understand that designing a purposeful life that appeals to you and that you can afford can be daunting too. With so much information out there, you can find yourself stuck in the search. That’s where Amava comes in. We know how to surface opportunities, options, offers and services to help you sculpt your story and Discover Your Next.  Want some examples? We can do that!

 Skip Bond is a microbiologist who made a post-career life for himself out of teaching science in local schools, working as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, volunteering at the VA and as a reading tutor. His choices inspired us to Spotlight those options, because those kinds of opportunities exist in most communities. 

Kathleen Daly moved from marketing medical devices to opening her own neighborhood café, which is all about coffee, art, community and cooperation.

Scott Wright worked as a radio DJ and music executive before moving on to embrace his passion of fine wines. He ran a winery before opening his own wine importing company and made an excellent documentary about the Bordeaux region. 

Want more? We have specially designed our Spotlights to show you what it’s actually like to do something; a job, volunteering or a bucket list item. We let you know how flexible and socially engaging each experience has the potential to be and we give you practical steps to connecting with options. We go way beyond the buzzwords and come up with specifics that you can mix-and-match. 

Seven Spotlights to Keep You Active:


Deep Sea Cave Diving

Tennis Instructor

Ski and Snowboard Instructor

Biking Adventure

Work on an Archaeology Dig

Ocean and Beach Cleanup


Seven Spotlights for Social Engagement: 

Community Garden Coordinator

Youth Sports Coach

Cooking/Nutrition Education Volunteer

Test Drive a Tiny House

Wilderness Guide

Tasting Host

Special Olympics Volunteer