Six months into the pandemic, things are looking different. When sheltering in place began, people began to think of time differently, to frame it in a new way. We thought about change, about sliding into a slower, simpler way of marking time or about taking the opportunity to reset. But baked into that idea was that it would be a short period of time, a moment of pause. And then we’d go back to normal. After a few months passed we started talking about the “new” normal.

What We’re Wondering About

  • Are some of these changes we’ve seen unfold going to be permanent? 
  • Does city life as we know it turn into something unrecognizable? 
  • Will suburbs and more rural areas change as more people take advantage of the connectivity that modern technology enables? 
  • Are migration patterns of decades past going to repeat themselves? 
  • How can we, as individuals, make healthy choices in our own lives when we’re really not sure if this moment that turned into two seasons may actually become our future? 
  • What will happen to all that office space?
  • With change accelerating so fast, how do we understand the passage of time?

What We’re Focused On

At Amava, we’re focused on your social connections, because we know that they are among the biggest determinants of your overall health. We are looking for solutions to keep you engaged with other people doing purposeful things as we all struggle together to keep up with rapid changes.

It has been six months of pandemic living. If waking up in the morning, doing some exercise, getting your kids or grandkids onto their Zoom school, doing some work and thinking about what’s for dinner way too early in the day is starting to feel less “new,” we understand.  And that’s why we are continuing to create programs that take you out of your bubble and get you involved with new people and real conversations.

Because while time is both flying and crawling, some things stay the same and the human need to connect with others is positively primal. Using our voices to communicate has been around a lot longer than any of the technology we currently rely on. The old song may be right: It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Social media and the relentless news cycle drive the point home. But there’s a solution. Make your own milestones by connecting with others. Simply put, we need to get together. And talk. In real time. Not on digital delay. Join us!

For more information about staying connected in a way that interests you through our Virtual Volunteers program or our newest offering, Amava Circles, write to and we’ll guide you!