Does it seem like everyone is going to the Maldives to stay in a water villa on stilts? Sure, that sounds amazing, but also expensive. Fortunately, not all cool things to do require a major splurge. There are plenty of ways to have adventures and meet new people and without spending a fortune.


For example, going to the magnificent Grand Canyon is more about planning than it is about big spending. And you’re bound to meet fellow adventurers.


If planes, trains and automobiles aren’t in your budget, just go for the trains. Trips can be relaxing, social, awe-inspiring, romantic and exciting.


It may surprise you, but there’s an active community of beekeepers and it’s a unique and environmentally conscious way to spend time without having to spend an outsized amount of money.


If travel is something you want to keep doing but hotel and Airbnb charges have become an unwelcome line on your credit card bill, look into home swapping and don’t look back. Live among locals and make new friendships—who needs room service?


Instead of being a lodger, you could be the Campground Host, hanging out in nature and making sure campers are comfortable and safe. This one pays a bit and includes amazing views. Read more about it in Nomadland.


You’d be surprised what’s growing out there in nature. So much of it is edible and the thrill of the forage is its own special adventure. Foraging can be done almost anywhere. Get some training, stay safe and bring your friends!


Game shows need a steady stream of contestants and you could be one of them. If you are patient and willing to try for more than one show you could find yourself yelling “I’m ready to solve the puzzle Pat!”