As we all grasp for meaning in disorienting times, the idea that perhaps some of our cultural assumptions about how we define success, friendship and happiness need a refresh has never resonated more. Things we thought we knew for sure are being called into question at a rapidly accelerating pace. It isn’t just our bathrooms and doorknobs we are sanitizing. We’re taking our notions about accomplishment and contentment in for a deep-cleaning, wiping off the counters of our attitudes and cleaning out the closets of our minds. 

We are at a promising crossroads–an opportunity to redefine some of the cornerstones of our culture–if we simply choose to see it that way. We’ve been keeping our eyes open to the changes we see around us and are honored to have built a community where we can share some of our observations.

The World 2.0

A wave from across the street means more than it did when you could see the accompanying smile. In the past, a wave could have been seen as dismissive. It is full of fellowship now. 

For some people, getting through a day is enough. The need to always be doing something at all times is not for everyone. And that’s ok.

For others, if they haven’t hatched a plan for their latest venture by afternoon tea time, they feel it has been a slow day. That’s ok too.

Birthdays, without the parties, gifts and blowing out candles, have become a simpler pleasure.

Home cooking really is all it’s cracked up to be.

Cute animal photos and videos are less a distraction and more a soul warmer. 

Crafts are making a colossal comeback.

If the point of material wealth is freedom, it means less than usual when we realize that we are all constrained by forces we cannot control. 

The metaphorical meaning of spring is bigger than we are.

The earth is pretty darn beautiful. 

The only way to “win” is to care about others. 

Listen. Just listen.

Learning is the way. Every day.