People are looking to save money. If you’re hoping to thin out your possessions and make some cash–anything from clothing to musical instruments to sports equipment to fine fabric to small appliances–there could be buyers out there. The trick is finding them and there are a few approaches.

Do it Yourself: Photograph, Pack and Ship

The key is good photography, full disclosure about condition, friendly online demeanor and good organizational skills. Quite a few platforms offer discounted shipping and will help you with tracking through their sites. You can also set up your own shipping account with one or more carriers and do it yourself from home. If you are selling a lot of stuff, you can study up on bundling, “free surprises” and other ways to make your merchandise stand out from the rest. Many consignment platforms offer advice for optimizing price and terms.

Here are some of the players:





Send Your Stuff In and Let the Platform Take Over

If you have enough stuff, mostly high-end pieces (or jewelry and accessories) or are too busy to sell it piece by piece or in bundles, you may choose to hand it over. You will realize less profit, of course, but the photography, price setting, shipping, returns and customer relationship are all handled for you. A trade off, for sure, but it definitely works for some people.  

The big names: 

The Real Real

Vestiaire Collective 


Thread Up (not as luxury oriented as the others).

Try the Local Route

If you live someplace where consumers are active, you can see about skipping the shipping. The tips about strong photography and full disclosure obviously still apply and your personal safety should always be top-of-mind.

Try these

FB Marketplace




Here’s some more information about making money as an Online Reseller.