Our lives are made up of experiences. We tend to mythologize the big ones — the life-changing moments, the day we took the “big” steps like graduation, marriage, parenthood, choosing a career path and others. But lately, by necessity, it has been about the little things. More than ever, there’s the sense waking up in the morning that all you can control is your own behavior. Creating those small moments for yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues and your community members is a powerful way to stay grounded in uncertain times. 

If you look around, people are sharing their ideas about how to do this more than ever. From our team, our remarkable Members and our communities, here are just a few:


-Put a teddy bear in the window or on the porch. Or a heart. Or a rainbow.  The kids are out there on walks looking for them.

-Pen pals are making a comeback. Pick a few people from your present or your past and correspond–by email, snail mail or some other way that works for you.

-Make a new friend and start talking regularly. We can fight loneliness one person at a time.

-Sign up to be a block coordinator in your neighborhood or help out with safety card systems that people are organizing.

-If you have  a lending library outside your house or in your area, use it to share food and supplies.

-Instead of hoarding that hand sanitizer, put some out for the mail carrier and the people delivering the things you need. With a nice note, maybe?

If you can sew, you can help

Reach out to Veterans

-Send care packages to people you admire. 

-The smile and the wave mean a lot these days.

-Listen. Just listen. When you ask “how are you doing?” pause and be there for the answer.

-What do you have to share? Lemons from your tree? Books or magazines? Toilet paper? Put it outside and put the word out.


Have you been creating some micro-experiences that matter to you? Tell us about it at editor@amava.com.