At Amava, social engagement is the cornerstone of everything we do. The phrase “social distancing” is used frequently these days. What does it actually mean? It’s an official term for actions that public health officials take to try to slow down the spread of an illness. It might mean limiting big groups coming together, event cancelations or building closures. This could include libraries, schools, places of worship and other spots you might normally want to be. 

There’s no question, social distancing can affect lives on a large scale: no handshakes or hugs, canceled meetups and other “don’ts” that call for changes in behavior can stunt your social life.

How do you stay socially engaged when social distancing is the order of the day? A bit of creativity and flexibility can help. A lot of the same ideas for staying connected when you work remotely can be brought to bear.

Here are some quick tips for combating the negative effects of social distancing if you find yourself staying home more than usual:

-Make dates to have actual conversations online. Go beyond emailing, texting and such. There are many tools that allow you to have face-to-face interactions and it is worth the effort. You can do it in groups or one person at a time. Keep real-time conversations happening where you can see people and interact with them.

-Take this opportunity to look for some remote work. You can join a new team and get connected with co-workers, customers and more.

-Join groups outside of your typical interactions at work or elsewhere. There are online groups for everything. If you love cars, cooking, crafting, spelunking, power-walking or something else, now could be the time to get more involved. 

-Check in on your neighbors and friends. People may choose or feel obligated to keep to themselves, but you can still talk with them. Be active and purposeful. Make a habit out of reaching out or dropping off some food or flowers. You can organize others in your area to do the same. Making someone else’s day can make yours.

-Been eyeing online course offerings? Try one! Many have video interactivity, chat rooms and other features that will get you into discussions with other people who share your interests.

-Spend quality time with your pet (or adopt one if you don’t have one). Or visit other people’s pets using the tools mentioned. There’s no question, the human-animal bond is important.

-Be productive if you have more time alone. Journal, meditate or clean out that junk drawer. Self-care makes you a better friend and companion to others. Use your technology to make playlists and share them with your friends and family. 

-Get dressed and stick with your routines. Do the things you normally do. 

-Help other people with technology. Teach them to cast their conversations on to bigger screens and how to use various platforms. If you need help with any of this, ask someone! 

Amava exists to help our Members stay socially engaged. Whether you want to earn, learn, give back or something else, you can check out our ever-evolving ideas and features at

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