Change can be difficult, but it can open new horizons. Uncertainty causes discomfort, but it also creates opportunity if you position yourself well to ride the wave of change. That sounds like something anyone would want to do, but what does it mean? Our team has been guiding people through change for many years. We are here to break it down for you. Facts over fear and possibilities over pessimism are the way to start. 


Step One: Money

Financial stability makes change easier and it is worth planning for. There’s no one way to approach this and you can plan your own way based on your circumstances, which things like work history, saving, housing costs, goals and habits. For some people, a side-hustle can become a main source of income. For others, full-time work is the key to a structured and comfortable life. Others want to work some, but more flexibly or even on the go. If you have been a saver all along, you may be lucky enough to draw on those funds and consider not working at all. Whatever your situation, honest assessment and perhaps a bit of help from an expert is going to help you ride the wave of change. 

Step Two: Health Coverage

As we all know, health insurance is costly and complicated, but not having it when you need it costs more. Once medicare is an option, things change, but there are still complex choices to make. Some people want to work less and perhaps in a low-stress environment and may find that working to maximize group health plan coverage is the sweet spot. Others will choose individual plans. Thinking this through is a key to making a plan for times of change. We know this is a part of life that people seek help and advice about and we are here to connect you to the resources you need to figure it out so you can get to the stuff of living.

Step Three: Learning

A key to health, happiness and longevity is to keep learning, We’ll share what we know about keeping yourself in the know. 

Step Four: Social Life and Activities

Volunteering and having adventures to look forward to is what makes change exciting. You can take classes, get involved with local and national organizations that expand your world and go on adventures at home and abroad. Get ready and ride the wave of change.

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