With a mission of keeping people active and engaged as they make career transitions, we at Amava spend a lot of energy on thoughtful sourcing of flex jobs for our Members. Our Members have taught us a lot about what people do when they are looking for work and figured out some effective ways to guide them.

Many of our Members have reported starting out with a general search, something like “part time jobs near me” typed into Google. We understand the impulse to cast a wide net when you really aren’t sure what’s available or realistic. It may not yield exactly what you’re looking for, but it is instructive because a search like that can help you figure out how to start down a more productive path. It might turn up a few things that are of interest to you and teach you how to find that part-time job methodically.

When searching for a part-time job, here are some things to consider:

Start with self. Your interests and priorities. What are your criteria? Would you rather make extra money, find something flexible or a part-time job that’s socially engaging? All of us have skills. Do you want to build on your prior experience or try something new? Ask and answer those questions before you do a sweeping search.

Read up! Gather information about part-time job options from articles and blog posts geared towards industries and demographics that fit your goals. At Amava we have Flexible Job Spotlights  to get you started.

Make a shortlist. Come up with five to ten part-time jobs that you’d be interested in and that you’re qualified to do (you can always take classes or get trained if there’s something new you’re not qualified for today).

Search with strategy. Unfortunately, generic job boards do not provide a great experience for most flexible job-seekers. They tend to focus on full-time positions, general job titles and attracting a high volume of applications for recruiters to wade through. They typically provide just a bare bones description of responsibilities and requirements with limited compensation information. Once you have zeroed in on the job of your choice, you’re better off going directly to company websites and reaching out through people in the area using sites like LinkedIn or Amava.

At Amava, we curate opportunities to help you Discover Your Next while staying socially engaged. Helping you find part-time jobs in your area that suit your goals is part of our mission. For more specific ideas and information visit www.amava.com.

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