We’ve all heard about it. The “I” word. Isolation isn’t good for anyone. Research proves that mental and physical health are negatively affected and that staying active and engaged with other people through work, volunteering or shared affinities is the antidote. Sounds simple enough, but most people make their deepest connections at work, school or through their kids or hobbies. How do you get there if you’re not currently part of those communities?

Start where you are. What are your interests, talents and skills? 

Be realistic. Maybe you want to mix up bucket list items with more practical things. Do you want to keep earning? There are so many ways

Communicate! Forget about that adage about not talking to strangers. Talk to everyone! Loose ties are often the source of new opportunities.

Try new things. Go on some trips or local adventures, volunteer at an organization that interests you and mix it up with new people along the way.

 That’s what Amava is all about. We’ve dissected the issues that confront people at this stage of life and created a place to go for ideas, opportunities and services. We’re partnering with mission-aligned organizations who need employees, volunteers, and participants. Together, we’re building a culture of inclusion and stage-specific positivity. Join us!

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